Your Professional Team
Irna Viviers

Subjects: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics

Teaching Experience: 30 years

Additional: Setter and Team Leader National Examinations

Adriana Oliveira Teixeira

Subject: Portuguese

Teaching Experience: 13 years

Luischen Sirakis

Subject: English

Teaching Experience: 33 years

Additional: Chief Examiner National Examinations

Wales Ndhlovu
BSc (Hons) in Applied Mathematics

Subjects: Mathematics, ICT

Teaching Experience: 22 years

Zandréa Brandt
BSc  Mathematics and Accounting
B.E.D Senior and FET

Subjects: Maths and Accounting

Teaching Experience: 20 years

Melissa Sirakis

Subject: Biology and English

Teaching Experience: 5 years

Armand Louw
B.Ed Honours- Senior Secondary education, maths and Physical Science

Subject: Physics and chemistry

Teaching Experience: 5 years

Hildegard Jensen
BA (Languages) HED

Subject: German

Teaching Experience: 38 years

Additional: Cambridge Oral Examination Officer Accreditation

Andrew Ratcliffe

Subjects: Design & Technology, Mathematics, Geography

Teaching Experience: 12 years

Additional: Cambridge Design & Technology Examination Officer Accreditation

Retha van der Nest
B.Sc (ED)

Subjects: Maths

Teaching Experience: 47 years

Annemarie Etsebeth
BA(Afrikaans & Dutch), (HED)

Subject: Afrikaans

Teaching Experience: 15 years

Wilna Liebenberg
BMus (Ed), BMus (Hons), UTLM, LTCL, ABRSM

Subject: Music

Teaching Experience: 30 years

Additional: Conductor of the Cgals Chamber Choir, Owner of a music school,  Cambridge Music Examination Officer Accreditation

Amanda Gibson
BA(Psychology/History), (HED)

Subjects: History, Geography

Teaching Experience: 24 years