The Cambridge Curriculum runs from January to November. May is a holiday month.

We offer four payment instalment options:

  1. Payable in a lump sum at registration – 5% discount.
  2. Payable in two installments: First payment (50%) at registration; second payment (50%) on or before 5 June.
  3. Payable in three installments: First payment (35%) at registration in, second payment (35%) on or before 5 May, third payment (30%) on or before 5 August.
  4. Payable by debit order over ten months – final payment date 5 August.
Fees exclude:
Cambridge Exam Registration, Exam Fees, textbooks and stationery requirements.
Please note: Once enrolled you are accountable to pay the full course fee. Cancellation of the course is not permissible. No refunds will be done after enrollment.